About Prism

We would like to welcome you at our new project PRISM rowhouse, the social unit that lives in a house as a family unit of some kind groups or individuals. A house is a building that functions as a home which provide shelter. PRISM is one of them and it is situated at dindoli, surat which is very convenient location and it is a most accessible spot around. Surat which is 4th fastest growing city of the world, is blessed with immense talent in diversified fields. It is a manufacturing hub for Textiles, Diamonds, Jewellery, Fabric, Pharmaseuticals, Agriculture Products and also now Real Estate. PRISM lies along the wide round around 3 sides. It is close to city center just 10 min away. At PRISM, you can find your day to day need very easily, also very convenient to public transport. One can feel peace of mind. PRISM is designed by dedicated team working in construction field from ages. PRISM has its own specification. Granamite flooring, granite kitchen platform with glazed tiles, attractive main door, granite seal window, smooth mala plaster and white putty, weather proof exterior paint and many more which makes PRISM perfect place to live. PRISM include a living area, kitchen area, sleeping area, separate or combined washing and lavatory areas. The concept of luxury rowhouse arrived in India a decade ago, and while Surat has become more integrated with the global economy, executives from all over the world. People in Surat basically require a living space where they can stay for a longer duration. Staying at such nice place, PRISM will offer an alternative. It is designed in such a way where a person can enjoy the pleasure of home. Moreover it is reflecting our futuristic developments, combined with their own aesthetic.

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* Notice / Disclaimer : This website is not the promissory note of any offer or contract.All members shall abide by the rules and regulations set by local society and Government.